Valentine's Day Ideas

There are some great Valentines ideas out in blogland..allow me to round some up for you.

Kids Classroom Valentines Ideas (Last year we (copied of course) bought big bright bouncy balls and put them in clear cellophane.. i printed cards that said have a Ball this Valentine's day. I cut them the same width as the bag and stapled them on (as in the idea below) They were a hit!)

This idea and more found here

Valentines Craft Ideas

The two above are my favorites..Courtesy of this lovely blog.
Valentine's Recipes
What a sweet idea for Valentine's breakfast. Go here for details.

Maybe the prettiest Valentine's Cookies I've ever seen. Check them out here.

Stay tuned for a fabulous Valentine's dinner recipe. And while you're at it---write little love notes each day to the ones you love starting today.

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