Ten Tips for your fridge and freezer

1.. Group items into categories. Use one drawer for vegetables and one for Fruit. If you don’t keep fruit in the fridge use one drawer for salad ingredients and the other for other vegetables. 

2. Keep all sandwich making supplies in a large Tupperware container. When preparing sandwiches you’ll have all your deli meats and cheeses in one place.

3. Do not keep butter on the door. Instead place individual sticks of butter in a large freezer bags. Butter tends to take on the taste of other foods and keeps a lot longer in the freezer. 

4. Cut up fruits and vegetables when you buy them and keep them in containers or small Ziploc's for fast snacks. Celery, baby carrots, and grapes are especially popular in my home. 

5. If you have kids at home. Each morning prepare a sippy cup with water, milk or juice or all three on a shelf they can reach. This will give the little ones some independence as they will be able to easily help themselves, and it’ll save you from filling cups all day. This is also useful for adults--fill a sports cup with the amount of water you want to drink during the day and gain easy access and control over your daily H2O intake.

6. Portion out your meat after grocery shopping. Defrosting meat and re-freezing is not usually recommended. Keep the amount of chicken breasts, ground beef, fish or whatever you’re cooking in freezer Ziploc bags or wrap in freezer paper. Keep meats together in a freezer container. 

7. Once a month or so boil a whole or cut up chicken with skin, onions, garlic and salt and a few bouillon cubes. Remove chicken once removed and keep the chicken broth. Place cooled chicken broth (fat skimmed) in small freezer ziplock bags in one to two cup measurements. Place all your small baggies in a larger bag or in a freezer container. When cooking defrost the broth by leaving it out at room temperature or overnight in the fridge. Nothing beats homemade chicken broth. Shred your chicken and freeze for fast and easy meals.

8. Remember the fridge door is the warmest part of your freezer. Use if for Juices. Hot dogs, vegetables or even the butter. 

9. USE CONTAINERS AND LABELS! Sort things in groups and keep them in Tupperware. Keep all vegetables in a container in the freezer, all meats, all treats for the kids. Doing this also makes it easier to create a grocery list, you’ll know what you need with just a quick glance.

10. Clean spills as soon as they happen. Clean your fridge before grocery shopping and do a monthly date check on the stuff that collects in your doors. 

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