Short Term Food Storage TIPS

There are two types of food storage Long Term Food Storage which includes the staples, things that we’ll always use and we’ll always need like flour, sugar, oils, pasta—our software is especially designed to help you figure out your family’s needs and track what you have. 

The second kind of food storage is Short Term Food Storage. Short term food storage includes items we use for meals we make on a regular basis.

Here’s an easy plan I found online (to be sourced later) to help you get started on a 3-month supply:
1. Clean out your pantry and get rid of (or donate) any items you don’t eat. Throw away expired items. 

2. Make a note of 10-30 meals you cook regularly for your family. List each meal and each ingredient. And calculate the cost of each meal. 

3. Next Bag your meals.
I like using Ziploc bags. Measure out your dry ingredients including pasta and even spices. If I were for example, bagging for spaghetti and meatballs. I would bag the spaghetti noodles in a large bag and then pre-mix my spices for the sauce in a small Ziploc and add it to the larger bag (or just put a jar of sauce in the bag) and I’d add another small Ziploc for spices for my meatballs. I would then add an address label to each bag specifying what needs to be added.
This also works really well for homemade pancake mix, and bread mixes. You can even put the dry ingredients in a canning jar. 

Each time you go grocery shopping. Get a few extra complete meals to bag. Soon you should have a good reserve of meals your family will actually eat. Remember to put dates on the ziploc and rotate regularly.

Another good option is to create a recipe binder with a section titled frequently made meals. Have all your bag meal recipes neatly typed out in this section.
At first this may seem like a lot of work, but if you spend an afternoon planning and organizing and then 1 or 2 hours each week bagging meals, eventually you will have automated cooking.

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