School Lunch Ideas

Around these parts, our kids have only been back to school one week and I’m already out of ideas for school lunches.

Some great ideas I think I’ll try:

Tuna Apple Raising Salad
Family Fun’s great ideas
Amazing Mom’s Ideas

Of course I always add fresh fruit and sometimes even a little a note. What’s your best lunch Idea? Do share.

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  1. My tummy says "Yummy!" =) Great post! Thank you for sharing this. You might like to try the insulated tiffin bag of Happy Tiffin? It's the same as the picture above, but the difference is, the container inside is stainless steel not plastic. It's safer and durable, eco-friendly as well as it has 100% BPA free which it made it an amazing pack lunch container. It can keep the food's temperature up to 4 hours, either hot or cold, "With no taste-like-plastic". Also, it doesn't stain and hold odor from the food you stack in it. It's easy to wash and carry around. Try it. =)