Homemade Cleaning Products Recipes

These Homemade cleaning products are Eco-friendly, pocket-friendly and very effective, all you need are spray bottles and a label maker and your ready to Green up your act.
General Cleaner
Add 2 T. baking Soda to 16 oz. warm water

Window Cleaner
Add 1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar to 16 oz. warm water

Disinfectant Cleaner
Add 10-20 drops of tea tree oil to 16 oz. warm water

Floor Cleaner
To 16 oz of warm water add
1/2 teaspoon of liquid soap
1/2 teaspoon borax
Squeeze of lemon or splash of vinegar
Spray floor with solution and mop as usual

Linen Spray
Add 5 drops of your favorite scented oil to 8 oz water and use to freshen linens and curtains.

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